Upcoming Workshops:

No current workshops planned. If you are interested in having me please e-mail


What I cover in my workshops:

In the 6 hours of the workshop I will try and give everyone the tools needed in photoshop and the theory behind how to do realistic and/or fantasy composites. Attendees must come with a openness to learn. You’ll not leave immediately and be expert compers, no that does alas take practice, but you’ll all know the tools and theory behind making decent ones.

I cover:
Theory: Perspective; Grounding; Color Theory; Mood/Tone; Model selection; image/stock selection; copyright; metadata; social media; business overview

Photoshop: File handling & Setup Folders; Photoshop Workspace Setup & Navigation; Setting Color Palette; Opening Files; RAW Conversion; High Pass Split/Retouching; Masks; Clipping Paths; Adjustment Layers; Pen Tool & Extractions; Brush Adjustments; Hair; Blending; Sharpening; Gamut Warning; Print Ready.