Born in Belfast, raised in Dundalk, Ireland,  I’m not always known to be in reality. I don’t see things like they should be. There be dragons in the local forest and sirens on the beach. I’ll not get started on the faeries, those wee brats just ruin your clothes when you leave them out overnight. Sock thieves I tell you!

I like to create artwork that tell stories. Red Sonja has a lot to answer for – I like my girls strong and my men not afraid to get stuck in. I’m also incredibly stubborn and will work and develop my skills to the best of my ability. This has allowed my work to develop in style and substance over the years. I can retouch like the best and illustrate too. I try my best to give my models character and a storyline that will grab you. I hope I succeed.

I primarily work for international publishers doing book cover illustrations. It really is a dream job combining two of my favorite things: art and books! Alas I got sidetracked when I was 18 and went to science (B.Sc Geology and Environmental Science) instead of art – though now I believe I have the maturity that a lot do not have in business and dealing with clients. I’m never put off by tight deadlines or edit number 167. Its my job to do the best I can for you and the client.

I also have a full photography studio where I create my own personal artwork and photography. I love nothing more than creating costumes and props for models that contact me. I believe its a collaboration, we all have to work together to bring about an amazing final artwork. To that end I’m always interested in hearing from anyone wanting to get together to make amazing artwork, photography or illustrations.



Tor / Macmillian Publishers

Tom Doherty & Assoc

Imagine FX

Photoshop Creative

Advanced Photoshop

Suspense Magazine

Digital Artist

Musetouch Magazine

New York Optimist